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The Dogs scarf says Tax Bite... what a poser.

The Dogs scarf says Tax Bite... what a poser.


… definition… When in speech or text someone uses two seemingly contradictory terms… such as “cruel kindness” or as in the case of government “House Intelligence Committee”, is used to describe something…



The Denton’s

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Expecting Parents
Expecting Parents

Ahhhh, young parents…”soon to be”, shhhhh, don’t say anything… right now they are having a lot of fun thinking about the new arrival. Reality will set in soon enough. We wish them the best and we caught some very nice images for photograph memories.

Big Fun! This weekend we get to shoot little Jackson for his first debut shoot… you have no idea how exciting it is to do the first pro shoot of a little person’s life! We are really excited about it.

Truth in Advertising…

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Honesty in advertising...
Honesty in advertising…

This guy is usually near Nordstrom downtown. God Bless him… and I did give him a few bucks for the honesty in marketing… let’s face it, this fella has more integrity than alot of money raising tactics I have seen.

Surreal Fun….

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Surreal Fun

Surreal Fun

Amy, Ali, and Kaylee came by for a little shoot…  after coming back to them there is some fun stuff in there… Sharon took a few shots we’ll have to see what she came up with…
Update: Well, looks like both of us nailed some good ones… to see some of them go to the “Photograph Collection” tab and click on Children…