Now this is as close to Capturing souls as I will ever come…

Posted: May 11, 2009 in Shoot

Amy and I met for lunch and decided that we would go to pick up a few props for the shoot with Jackson on Saturday. She and I looked at a bunch of stuff and it was a fun experience and what I learned was that Amy has an eye for what might look good in a capture…  I was surprised, a little… it was fun… as we hauled the goods from the store Amy went for the jugular and said… we could go take some pictures with the girls now if you want….

Now how fair is that? Two carts full of cool little baby picture stuff and two of the cutest little girls in the world and she asks me that… how fair is that? So at nine- O’clock that evening as we picked out the last shots… seriously… how fair was that? I gotta tell you it was great, it was fun, and we have some of the most precious glimpses of life that you will ever lay eyes on…

Ali Unleashed

Ali Unleashed





Saturday came… and Jackson arrived on time with mom and dad… OMG… as Sharon would say, that little wrinkle pup forehead… that is one cute little baby… I determined that this was going to be one great Baby weekend… and here are two examples… Sharon worked to keep me focused as well as moving forward… ( I have a tendency to want to look at them on the screeen before we are done shooting)… I look at these and It literally takes my breath away thinking that we snagged these morsels… Meg, Jay, Sharon and I looked at them briefly before they left… then Sharon and I flagged them all later …  these two examples are as close to catching the soul visually as I will likely ever come… Then of course I would be remiss if Ali was not mentioned… Amy had gotten this emergency person type outfit… Ali takes her best pictures when you just let her go and show her little spirit… it is pretty cool actually… then you just catch a single 1/300th of a second frame… and you can see so much about her little personality… how fun is that?

So it was a true collaboration, all Mom’s and dad’s, Sharon and myself, and of course, Ali, Kaylee, and Jackson, the stars for the weekend… all worked together for these shots… I will work on the rest and put them in the recent work folder…

  1. Kerissa says:

    Dad… let me say that I am so proud of you! Your work really is amazing… and you clearly LOVE doing it. I can’t wait to have little ones of my own JUST so you can take awesome photos of them! You truly have a way of capturing the moments… very impressive… in all that you are… and all that you do! I love you Dad!

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