Simon and Dayna!

Posted: July 9, 2009 in Shoot
Stunning Dayna...

Stunning Dayna...

Simon & Dayna Orig-9697-Edit
One Way to Happiness….
Simon & Dayna Orig-9695

More one way to Happiness...

Just after the 4th of July we had the pleasure of doing the engagement session for Simon and Dayna. We really were excited to do this for them… (Simon is Sharon’s Son.) So, they were visiting from Texas and we took them downtown had some pizza at Bazbeaux and then started shooting some pictures. Check these out! There are more in Slideshows under what else? “Simon and Dayna”.




So, the wind was blowing… and Dayna was very fast… kind of looked that that Marylin Monroe picture… maybe this one will be as famous!




  1. Dayna Cox says:

    Simon and I absolutely love these!! You two make an excellent team, very professional and you both have a great eye for terrific shots! You got so many fantastic photos even when Simon was being less than cooperative with the camera. We are so happy with how they came out, thank you so, so much!! 🙂

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